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Creating a Post

On Cherish, your posting history acts as your dating profile. Instead of having detailed profiles or “Ads” for yourself, we encourage you to show your true self by making posts regularly just as you might on apps like Instagram or Twitter. Here’s how to go about creating a post. 

  1. Press the big ‘+’ button in the middle of the main navigation bar – the navigation bar appears on most screens. If you can’t see the navigation bar, you can back out of the screen you’re on or simply stop and relaunch the app. 
  2. Type in anything that’s on your mind, but please make sure to help Keep Cherish Nice by following our Cherish Community Guidelines
  3. Choose a background or upload a picture. Photo uploads that are maybe a little too hot for the public will automatically get blocked. Consider posting these to your private profile instead by choosing “Private” in the next step. 
  4. Choose to make the post public or private – public posts are visible to all users, while private posts are encrypted and are only visible to users with whom you have Revealed.

And you’re done! Happy posting!

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