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Finding your way around Cherish

Cherish is a different spin on a dating app, so it might take some getting used to. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of out of Cherish right away!

What’s the big idea?

Our goal at Cherish is to help you find people to date based on personality rather than the superficial. You can showcase your personality by sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings through making anonymous posts. You can also browse through these posts to find people to follow, message with, and date! 

Navigating the app

The Cherish app is divided into a few areas that are accessible from most screens by using the main navigation bar at the bottom of your view, once you finish the signup process. These areas are: 

  • Home feed – a timeline of posts from other users like you, accessed by pressing the “Home” icon
  • Activity feed – a list of recent notifications and activity accessed by pressing the “bell” icon. 
  • Direct messages – your private 1:1 conversations with other users, accessed by pressing the “message” icon. 
  • Your profile details – accessed by pressing your profile avatar (which is randomly assigned to you upon sign up). 

The Home Feed

The Cherish Feed is a timeline of posts from other users like you. The feed is divided into 3 parts. 

  • Latest – Shows all posts that match your filters in chronological order
  • Top – The most popular posts that match your filters. 
  • Following – Posts from people that you follow. 

Zooming into a Post

You can zoom in to a post to take a closer look by simply tapping on the post. In the zoomed in view, you have many options to interact with the Cherish user who made the post, by commenting, liking and messaging them. You can also swipe through posts in this view by swiping up and down. 

Filtering your feed to find what you’re looking for 

Make sure you are only seeing posts from the kind of people you want to meet. You can choose the filter option on the top right hand of the feed to filter your feed based on your specifications. You are able to filter on: 

  • Distance from you
  • Age
  • Gender 
  • Sexual orientation 

Following people

Like someone and want to find them again? Tap the ‘heart’ icon in a zoomed-in post to follow the person who made the post. 


When you want to connect with someone 1:1, as a premium member, you can message them using our 100% end-to-end encrypted messaging service. You can message someone from a few places: 

  • From the zoomed in view of the post that a Cherish user has created, by tapping on the “Message Me” button. 
  • From the user’s profile by tapping on the “Message” button. 
  • From an existing conversation by tapping on the “talk-bubble” icon in the main navigation.
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