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Direct Messaging

Direct messaging (DM) is a Cherish Premium feature where the magic happens. Want to take things to the next level with someone? Start a 1:1 conversation with them.

How do I start a conversation?

As a premium member, you’ll be able to start a conversation with someone 1:1 using our 100% end-to-end encrypted messaging service. You are able to initiate or continue a conversation from a few places:

  • From the zoomed in view of the post that a Cherish user has created, by tapping on the “Message Me” button. 
  • From the user’s profile by tapping on the “Message” button. 
  • From an existing conversation by tapping on the “talk-bubble” icon in the main navigation.

While free members can read and respond to initial messages, Cherish Premium gives you the power to start a conversation with whoever you want.

What can I use direct messaging for?

Cherish DM’s are great for having deeper 1:1 conversations and otherwise sharing things that are specific to your relationship. From arranging a coffee date to posting something that might be a little too hot for public consumption. If you choose to use Cherish DM’s this way, know that your DM’s are 100% private and safe.

Your Direct Messages on Cherish are Completely Private and Secure

On Cherish only two people can see your direct message conversations: You, and the person you are having a conversation with. That’s it. It is not possible for anyone else to read your messages.

This is made possible by end-to-end encryption which ensures that messages are only visible at the two ends of a conversation (you and your conversation partner), and nowhere in between. Anyone who tries to sneak a peek anywhere in the middle sees nothing, ensuring the best privacy and security possible.

Why Did We Make Direct Messages Private?

We want Cherish to be a discreet and welcoming place for people to connect on a very personal and intimate level and that is only possible when privacy and security can be guaranteed to a high degree.

Happy messaging!

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