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Revealing is a Cherish Premium feature perfect for connecting with other Cherish users at a deeper level. 

What happens when you Reveal? 

When you and another user Reveal yourselves to each other, you both gain access to each other’s private posts, private name and private bio. Revealing allows you to see someone’s deeper and more intimate side before making the decision to take the relationship further.

Requesting a Reveal

If you are a Cherish Premium member, you can request another user to reveal themselves, which will gain you access to their private posts, private name, and private bio. Reveals can be requested from the user’s profile by pressing the “Reveal” button on the user’s bio. When you request a Reveal, the other user is automatically notified and given the option to accept or reject the request. 

Both premium and free members are able to receive, accept or reject Reveal requests.

Similarly, other users can request you to Reveal as well, in which case you will receive a notification to accept or reject the request. Pending reveal requests can be accessed in the activity feed by pressing the ‘bell’ icon on the main navigation bar. 

Accepting or Rejecting a Reveal 

When a reveal is requested, the receiving user has the option to accept or reject the request. This can be done by pressing the notification and pressing ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’. 

When accepted, a reveal is effective immediately and both users are given access to each others’ private posts, private name and private bio, and both users are notified that they have been revealed to each other. 

When rejected, no private information is revealed. However, the requesting user is not notified of the rejection. 

Concealing (Revoking a Reveal) 

Concealing means reversing a Reveal. If you have a Reveal relationship with another user, you can hide your private posts, private name and private bio from the user once again by using the “Conceal” feature. To conceal yourself again, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to your profile by pressing your profile avatar on the right of the main navigation on the home screen (bottom right of the screen). 
  2. Press the “people” icon to the right of the “Edit profile” button to access the “People” screen. 
  3. At the top of the People screen, choose the tab that says “Revealed” to see a list of all the people you have Revealed with. 
  4. Find the person you would like to conceal yourself from
  5. Press the “Conceal” button. 

You will be immediately concealed from this person and NO notification will be sent to them. 

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